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Herzlich Willkommen zu Sightseeing Bier-Tour in München

Who ever hears the word "Munich", automatically thinks about beer and the Oktoberfest. „And from my point of view the tourist offer of the state capital is paying too little attention on this fact", says the founder of the Munich Beer Tour, Dr. Bernhard Obst.

The traveljournalist traveled the world for the network of German radio and TV for decades and witnessed countless tours of cosmopolitan cities. No matter whether it was the architects-tour of Chicago, the Feng Shui journey through Hong Kong or one of the many classical tours of Hamburg or Lima, he felt especially comfortable if the tours were accompanied by a guide. Headphones with a language choice from English over German, Mandarin and South Korean are an abomination to him, not only because of some adventurous translations, but also because of the impossibility of demands.

His suggestions were the focus of the Beer Tour Munich: competent guides, not only dry historical data, but real "stories", written by life itself, a complimentary beer sample, so that you can also taste the whole subject.

We want to offer our guests the best you can offer of and about the subject. Therefore, there is no question that the brewery tour takes place at the brewery, which has significantly shaped the world renown of the Munich beer: the Spaten-Franziskaner-Lwenbräu. This merger combines the Munich beer history on the optimum.
Spatenbräu with its innovations that were the foundation of the modern world of brewing, Franziskaner as the inventor of the legendary "Munich Hell" and one of the best wheat beers in the world and Lwenbräu, of course, as an export hit the epitome of Munich beer for centuries.

Therefore, it is so important to us that you can enjoy real Bavarian food with fresh pretzels, a good portion of Leberkäs (a traditional Bavarian meat speciality) or a few white sausages with sweet mustard while sampling the variety of beer types of the mentioned brewery. And it tastes even better if you can look at the towers of the Frauenkirche or enjoy the view over the Theresienwiese with the Bavaria while eating and drinking.

Also, our vehicle, an Original London Bus, contributes to the whole atmosphere of the beer tour. The old-timer, riding the streets of the English capital since the 60's, is not impressing with its speed. One can not pick flowers while driving, but neverteheless the impressions are not flying past the window, there is time to look closer at a building. And that is what we want to convey at the "Beer Tour": a part of Munich's culture. Enjoy our tour with a glass of beer in your hand and learn more about beer, Munich and the citizens of Munich in a relaxed way.

Our tour guides are as warmly as open-minded and look forward to welcoming our international guests. Pursuant to the Bavarian Constitution: "live and let live" almost all questions will be answered, inside knowledge will be shared and any kind of assistance will be given, always charming and with a smile. You will feel comfortable with us because with us you are the guests - and guests are treated like kings!

The company ME Enterprise GmbH Munich has made itself a name worldwide with the "Wiesn Camp", a kind of temporary camping ground, existing only 18 days a year and just during the Munich Oktoberfest. Since 2000, backpackers from all around the world find a slepping place for little money there. More than 140,000 people have used this camp in the last 10 years (

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Hallo liebes Tour Team, ich wollte mich nochmals für die "BIER" Tour bedanken. Sehr freundliches Personal und ein toller Fahrer. Das war die beste Stadtrundfahrt durch München. Trotz etwas Regen hat es uns sehr gefallen. Bis Bald.

M. Kogler aus Starnberg

Danke nochmals für die tolle Tour. Ich bin voll des Lobes. Für mich war das eine sehr informative Tour, die ich weiter empfehlen werde. ps: Der London Bus ist echt toll :-)

K. Lohmeyer aus Bamberg

Sightseeing ist ein Begriff aus dem Tourismus. Er steht für die Besichtigung von kulturellen Zeugnissen und anderen Sehenswürdigkeiten in Städten und in der Natur.

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